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Our Products


A revolutionary product for editors and producers that
shortens post-production time and material prep.

Key features:

  • Transcribe Automatically
  • Shorten sorting and selection times
  • Easily locate and arrange sequences
  • Integrate to AVID
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The most advanced interviewing platform for journalists, reporters and others, that makes reporting faster and simpler.

Key features:

  • Record and save interviews to a digital archive
  • Quickly transcribe raw materials
  • Easily select your favorite citations
  • Create articles with new innovative tools
  • Use a designated mobile app
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This multipurpose transcription platform for universities, conferences, courthouses and others, opens a new world of real time accessibility.

Key features:

  • Get real time transcription
  • Take the human factor out of the loop
  • Enjoy high level of accuracy
  • Over 20 languages supported
  • Effectively manage your users
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Aa platform for businesses providing transcription, translation and content labeling services, that enables community operating, tasks monitoring, clients management and financial aspects.

Key features:

  • Manage all your content needs in one place
  • Directly contact with employees and clients
  • Monitor tasks and financials
  • Manage limitless number of freelance providers
  • Improve margins with cutting edge editing tools
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Our Services


Recording and transcribing, precisely and quickly, thanks to the enhanced capabilities of Man and AI teaming.
We support board meetings, arbitrations, governmental and municipal organizations and many more.

  • All your protocols in one place, where it's easy to find and sort old and new files
  • Delivered to you within 3 business days or less
  • Flexble and adjustable to your needs and formats
  • Complies with accessibility standards
  • Include protocol summary in a nutshell

Caption / Subtitles

Producing subtitles for all types of video formats, using an advanced transcription engine, overseen by a community of professional transcribers for maximum precision.

  • 99.9% transcription accuracy and timing synchronization
  • Over 20 languages supported
  • Delivery within 3 business days or less
  • Self service platform changes
  • Export content in all traditional file formats
  • Integrates with Avid, Google Drive, DropBox, Vimeo, YouTube and more


Localized and accurate translation of text and audio files, course-wares, movies, TV shows and more, supported by our global team of experts, enhanced with high-end technological tools.

  • Quick delivery, supported in over 20 languages
  • Backed by an experienced professional team
  • Optimized match between the job needs and the translator area of expertise
  • Overseen through meticulous quality assurance processes
  • Supporting by all file formats

Summaries / Brief

Recording app for meeting summaries, made possible through man and AI technology teaming.

  • Crystalizing the essence of meetings, tasks, and decisions
  • Summary delivery within 24 hours for urgent orders
  • User-oriented infrastructure with all your information conveniently displayed
  • Legal formats summaries supported
  • Save costs with our service packages


Testimonial transcription, generated quickly and in operational format, directly from raw materials.

  • 99.9% transcription accuracy and timing synchronization
  • Speaker recognition and separation
  • Delivery in all traditional file formats with timecodes
  • Over 20 languages supported
  • Delivery within 3 business days or less
  • Export content in all traditional file formats
  • Integrates with Avid, Google Drive, DropBox, Vimeo, YouTube and more

About Us

Our Story

Sumit AI has been bringing speech to text since January 2021, bridging the gap between modern day time needs and the professional requirements of text communication. We believe in maximizing time efficiency, bringing down costs to a minimal and curating the written word to maximum precision - no matter the language, dialect, context or format that it was communicated in.
From a courthouse typist that started the SUMIT dream going, to company board-meeting notes that we summarized, to ongoing support of TV productions, SUMIT is expanding the reach of it’s support, helping communication, value and efficiency. We are proud to support the hearing-impaired community by making in class learning accessible!
With SUMIT, clients in the fields of education, government, entertainment and more are achieving their goals faster, cheaper, more efficiently and with more accessibility.

Our Team

Our team is highly tech savvy, bringing together years of experience in software engineering, computer science as well as law and business. Today we’re dozens of employees strong, always growing and diversifying in skill and talent, bringing new jobs to metropolitan as well as peripheral locations to include all communities.

Our Community

Our global community consists of over 1,000 translators and transcribers, representing dozens of languages, dialects and professional fields of expertise. We’re always on the lookout for additional community members to join the SUMIT family. Members enjoy a comfortable & professional engagement with our community managers and with one another through social media and designated platforms. Each member receives professional content, engages in social activities, consultations, and help from the community where needed. Working with SUMIT has the advantage of taking part in a growing professional community, and the convenience of working anytime, anywhere.

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